Round baking mold 4 inches

Round Baking Molds 4 inches

₹  11 – 14

  • Mold size = 4 inches base and 1.5 inches height
  • 100% Oven safe up to 390° F
  • Microwave and Freezer Safe
  • Corrugated Sidewall and Base
  • Bake Fresh
  • Serve Fresh
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Readymade boxes is supplier supplier of paper heating molds are intended to be a piece of the packaging, killing the requirement for metal baking products.The round baking arrangement is developed with a corrugated sidewall and base of standard bakery colour of brown and golden print. This bakery product is used as the industry standard for free-standing paper baking molds throughout the world. The 4 inches shape is utilized for a half-pound stack
Great for: brisk bread, cake, bread, and espresso cake.

Simply fill, prepare and Spread Love.

100 - 300 Pcs.
Rs. 14/- Piece
400 - 700 Pcs.
Rs. 13/- Piece
800 - 1500 Pcs
Rs. 12/- Piece
1600+ Pcs
Rs. 11/- Piece

Note: 1 Unit = 100 Pcs.